Cert Home Field Trip

An Introduction to Paleontology
(a course in DMNS Paleontology Certification Program)
This is an introductory course to the program and is one of the required courses.  The description is as follows:

Explore the science of paleontology.  Following a brief introduction to the history of life and basic geology, learn the scientific value of fossils and the basic methods of fossil collection and data recovery, curation, and study.

Dr. Kirk Johnson, DMNS curator of paleontology and Earth Sciences chair, taught the course, though other paleontology staff teach it as well.  Part of the course is a very informative Field Trip from Denver to Pueblo with numerous stops along the way.

See the full set of FIELD TRIP IMAGES.

Codell Formation (sandstone) exposed due to very dry year.
It was accessible this year just above water line at Pueblo Reservoir.
Many gray/black sharks teeth, marine burrows, ammonites, etc.
[Created 10/10/2002]
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