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Geology of Colorado (Boulder Valley) - Sedimentology & Stratigraphy, Field Trip #1

These pages discuss the geology of Colorado's Boulder Valley area.  The images are from a 3/15/2003 field trip that is part of the Sedimentology & Stratigraphy class of the paleontology certification program at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS).  The field trip covered areas northwest of Boulder such as Fourmile Canyon, Lee Hill Road, Lefthand Canyon, Old Stage Road and Foothills Highway.  The formations/members examined include Fountain, Lyons, Lykins, Canyon Spring, Morrison, Dakota, Benton (Codell mbr, Carlile mbr), Niobrara (Fort Hays mbr, Smoky Hills mbr).
Fountain Formation: Stop #1
Pre-Cambrian Granites: Stop #2
Fountain & Lyons Formations: Stop #3


Lykins Formation (lower) and "Strike Valley": Stop #4
Lykins, Canyon Spring, Morrison, Dakota Formations: Stop #5
Benton Formation (Codell mbr, Carlile mbr), Niobrara Formation (Fort Hays mbr): Stop #6
Niobrara Formation (Smoky Hills mbr) & Pierre Shale: Stop #7

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1. "Boulder, A Sight to Behold: Guidebook" (1976) by Donald D. Runnells, modified by Sheila Murphy. Graphics adapted from Runnells by Erica J. Keefe. "Geologic Cross Section of the Boulder Area", At Boulder Area Sustainability Network (BASIN)
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